Low level light therapy to give it the correct title is extremely effective at reducing pain and inflammation.

All manner of soft tissue disorders, overuse injuries such as tendinitis, capsulitis, heel pain can be successfully resolved, depending on the severity of the condition, course of 4-10 treatments may be necessary.

It’s a non invasive painless treatment that involves placing a laser probe over and around the affected area for a few minutes.

The laser light stimulates healing and reduces inflammation at the site.

We believe we are the only Podiatry Practice in Ireland using Laser Therapy at present.

The use of Laser as a treatment modality is very well accepted in other countries, Olympic athletes as well as top international football teams have all used Laser treatment to get their stars back competiting again.

We use class 3B medical grade lasers which are different from the machines used in beauty salons to remove unwanted hair. we have had remarkable results with this treatment modality helping to successfully treat Heel pain, Capsulitis, Achilles tendinitis amongst many others.