Are you suffering from a long standing chronic foot pain?

Foot Manipulation Therapy ( FMT) may offer the solution, FMT is particularly effective in resolving chronic pain, This modality uses gentle adjustments to the restricted joints in the foot and ankle to free up “jammed” joints.

In the foot and ankle joints can become restricted due to injuries from a simple stumble on uneven ground to a full ankle inversion sprain with torn ligaments, after which the foot never really recovers and there may be pain when exercising that goes on for months.

Many of our Patients have got great results from FMT and are back taking exercise, playing golf etc.

In lots of cases Patients have had intensive Physio, GP visits and even Specialist Consultant consultation without any success.

I strongly recommend that if you are suffering from a long term unresponsive foot/ankle pain you should consider FMT as a possible solution.