Diabetes affects the feet in 2 ways:

1. Diabetes can damage the nerves in the foot,(neuropathy), leading to numbness in the lower limb.

2. Diabetes can reduce the speed at which wounds, cuts, blisters etc heal in the foot.

Did you know that over 225000 people have Diabetes in Ireland, that’s more than the population of County Kildare.

Podiatrists are experts at assessing Diabetic feet for damage, if you are Diabetic you should have, at minimum, a yearly foot check.

If you are over 65 and Diabetic the HSE provides low cost treatment through the Chiropody Card Scheme.

As Diabetes accounts for more foot amputations than any other disease, it is essential that all Diabetics get their feet screened regularly.

At our surgery we routinely carry out tests on the blood supply to the lower limbs to make there are no problems, we also assess nerve function for any signs of disease, as the feet are the furthest away from the heart, frequently early signs of Diabetic complications show up there first.

We have direct referral pathways with our Podiatry colleagues in the Endocrinology Depts of the major Dublin Hospitals should further investigation and treatment be necessary.